Massage services Antalya and Bodrum in massage

We have massage service in very high quality 5-star hotels under the tourist region Bodrum, Kuşadası, Marmaris, Lara region, Kemer, Konya. Among the types of massages in our service area are tantra massage, body massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology. Dec.

Bodrum Massage Service

Some tourist hotels located in the basement

  1. The Bodrum EDITION:
    • Location: Yalıkavak, offering stunning sea views.
    • Features: Luxurious accommodations, a private beach, fine dining, and spa services.
  2. Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum:
    • Location: Göltürkbükü, boasting unique panoramic views.
    • Features: Elegant design, a private beach, spa facilities, and various dining options.
  3. Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa:
    • Location: Torba, a resort with a private beach.
    • Features: Luxury accommodations, spa, water sports, and high-quality dining options.
  4. Lujo Hotel Bodrum:
    • Location: Güvercinlik, a resort with a private beach and extensive facilities.
    • Features: Ultra all-inclusive concept, spa, private beach, and evening entertainment.
  5. Macakizi Hotel:
    • Location: Türkbükü, a chic boutique hotel with a stylish design.
    • Features: Seafront location, private beach, and high-end restaurants.
  6. Amanruya:
    • Location: Güllük Koyu, a resort blending seamlessly with natural beauty.
    • Features: Private villas, private pools, and a concept immersed in nature.
  7. Voyage Bodrum:
    • Location: Close to Bodrum center, a resort with extensive facilities.
    • Features: Family-friendly, children’s activities, beach activities.

Kemer region hotel recommendations

I apologize for any confusion. Here are some general hotel recommendations in the Kemer region, although it’s essential to check for the latest reviews and availability:

  1. Rixos Premium Tekirova:
    • Location: Tekirova area, surrounded by nature, along the coast.
    • Features: Ultra all-inclusive concept, luxurious accommodations, extensive facilities, spa.
  2. Maxx Royal Kemer Resort:
    • Location: Close to Kemer center, situated along the coastline.
    • Features: Ultra all-inclusive concept, private beach, luxurious design, golf course.
  3. Amara Dolce Vita Luxury:
    • Location: In the Tekirova area, along a vast stretch of beach.
    • Features: Ultra all-inclusive concept, private beach, extensive swimming pools.
  4. Euphoria Hotel Tekirova:
    • Location: In Tekirova, with a private beach.
    • Features: All-inclusive concept, water park, family-friendly services.
  5. Queen’s Park Le Jardin:
    • Location: In Beldibi area, close to the sea.
    • Features: All-inclusive concept, family-friendly, a variety of activity options.

Lara region is a region located on the beautiful coastline of Antalya and is famous for its luxury resorts. Here are some hotel suggestions that you can think of to stay in Lara region:

  1. Delphin Imperial Hotel Lara:
    • Ultra all-inclusive concept, extensive swimming pools, private beach area, luxurious accommodations.
  2. Titanic Beach Lara Hotel:
    • Spacious facilities, themed restaurants, private beach, activities for children.
  3. Liberty Hotels Lara:
    • Modern design, all-inclusive concept, water slides, spa facilities.
  4. Royal Wings Hotel:
    • Luxury accommodations, various swimming pools, spa, extensive green areas.
  5. Concorde De Luxe Resort:
    • Ultra all-inclusive, private beach, fun activities for children.
  6. Wind of Lara Hotel & SPA:
    • Spa facilities, all-inclusive concept, rooms with sea views.
  7. Baia Lara Hotel:
    • Modern design, extensive facilities, fun activities, family-friendly.

The “Antalya Konyaalti” area is usually known as a seaside area in Antalya, and I can offer specific hotel recommendations about this area. If you are talking about a location related to another Konyaalti region, please provide more details. Here are some hotel suggestions that you can think of to stay in the Konyaalti region of Antalya:

Certainly! Here are some hotel recommendations in the Konyaaltı region of Antalya, known for its beautiful coastline:

  1. Akra Hotel:
    • Modern design, sea-view rooms, spa facilities, various restaurants.
  2. Rixos Downtown Antalya:
    • Close to the city center, luxurious accommodations, private beach area, extensive swimming pools.
  3. The Marmara Antalya:
    • Located on Konyaaltı Beach, rooms with city views, seaside swimming pool.
  4. Crowne Plaza Antalya:
    • Rooms with sea views, private beach, spa, and fitness center.
  5. Hotel SU & Aqualand:
    • Modern design, private beach, extensive facilities, aquapark.
  6. Baia Lara Hotel:
    • Ultra all-inclusive concept, extensive swimming pools, fun activities.